Weekend Wrap Up

The weekend is not over for us.  Mr. Bits has today off as well, and we are grateful.  Our business has really cut in to our family time.  So what did we do this weekend?  Soccer, and sitting.  We did not explore like we usually do, we did not do a ton of chores, we actually took our time, and enjoyed one another.

Highlights:  Middle Bit scored a goal this weekend!  He was so very excited.  We canned 6 gallons of spaghetti sauce.  I think we are set for the winter.  We ate sour dough pancakes with chocolate syrup and powdered sugar.  And then we laid on our couches and were lazy like our dogs.

We needed this time.

Hope you all are had or are still having a wonderful weekend!



One thought on “Weekend Wrap Up

  1. sounds like a wonderful weekend! I finished up my remaining tomatoes yesterday as well. 13 qts frozen tomatoes to add to the previous 5 qts of spaghetti sauce, frozen. Plants froze pretty much Sat nite and are now totally toast after 29 this morning! I always hate to see them go.


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