A Day in the Life of Us:: Interruptions


My little girl lost her tooth.  She came downstairs in the morning holding her tooth in her and proclaimed,”Look Mama!!!!”  Can you believe it actually took me a few minutes before I realized  she had a huge gap in her teeth?  I am a little slow without my coffee.  She seriously looks as though she took a hockey puck to the mouth.  My little girl the hockey player.

My husband was home yesterday morning, which was a welcome interruption to our daily routine.  Whenever he is home in the mornings, he cooks us Splatter Dabs, which is a fancy name for old-fashioned sour dough pancakes.  My kids are loving the whole cooking thing lately, so it was a great time to teach Oldest Bit a thing or two about Spatter Dabs.

It rained all day yesterday.  This was another welcome interruption to our day.  At first, the kids did not want to go outside, but once they were out, they never wanted to come in.  The rain was not freezing cold, so they played for hours outside, then had to come in because their clothes were soaked.  I tried to take a picture of how wet their jeans were, but I had a difficult time capturing this.

My poor, very old Chihuahua, cannot take the cold.  He curls himself up on his pillow in front of the fire-place and sleeps all day long.  Literally all day, does not move.  So when I went to take a picture of him, he was not pleased that I interrupted his deep sleep.  Poor guy, I can just see his little legs aching.

Sour dough bread fresh out of the oven.  A delicious interruption.

Finally, while having school, the kids were a little, shall we say wiggly.  So I interrupted their school to have art.  Which by the way is school.  We made this fun garland together for Christmas.  Looks great on our stairs!

Here’s to having a day full of welcome interruptions!




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