Our Scout Adventure

This weekend was crazy and long.  The good thing is no matter how crazy and long, there is always bits of fun sprinkled in, but I will tell you, I needed a break, so yesterday, the three of us remaining just relaxed and played UNO and Monopoly.

Here is the reason for our craziness.  My oldest Bit and husband was getting ready for a week of Scout Camp.  Not only did I help them pack, but my husband volunteered for the meals.  We were in charge of 3 meals a day, for six days.  That might not sound bad, but considering we had to supply these meals for 15 teenager boys and 6 adult men, well I think you begin to understand.  I do not know if we have enough food.  I prepared over ten pounds of ground beef, over ten pound of chicken, twenty pounds of rice, over 100 biscuits and about 15 pounds of homemade gravy. These boys were very cute by giving me a menu to work with. One of the breakfasts was biscuits and gravy.  Considering that my son is allergic to pretty much everything, I had to make these biscuits and gravy from scratch.

20130719_153532 20130721_133715 20130721_135822 20130721_141247

It was all worth it though, to send off my two men on their adventure, and to see their smiling faces.

Love will make you do crazy things.

Have a great day everyone!



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