Warning: Pictures may be disturbing!

On Saturday, our very kind neighbors came over to give us a bag full of carrots.  Seems they had an abundance from their garden in the fall, and were now tired of eating carrots.  These carrots were super good, and super big!  So Mr. Bits and I decided it would be good to can them so that we did not have to hurry and eat all these carrots.  We did not have a thick blade for our food processor, so we found our mandolin hidden in the drawers and decided it was the perfect tool for slicing carrots.

I had gotten through about half of the carrots when my arm felt tired, so Mr. Bits stepped in to help.  It was not long until he disappeared and so I went to find him.  Turns out he cut a tiny chunk out of his thumb and was doctoring it up.  So, I told him that I would finish slicing.

I was working on a rather tall and thick carrot when it happened.  I felt my hand slip, and it slipped right into the blade of the mandolin.  I do not know what made me stop, my husband said it the blade probably hit my bone, but nonetheless I did as I realized my pinky was cut.  Oddly enough, I felt no pain.

20140222_161957 (11)

I said, “I think I cut myself, and I think I need stitches.”  This was said very calmly.  You see I am known around here for being very calm when trauma strikes.

My husband said, “Maybe we can tape it or glue it.”

“Maybe, but you should look at it just in case.”  You see at this point, I decided not to look at my finger.  All mental, once I saw it I knew the pain would come.

In less than a second of Mr. Bits looking at my pinky, he says, “Let’s go to the ER now!”

20140222_161943 (12)

And we were gone.  Miracle at the ER, I was the only patient there!!!!!!!  I got right in, and told them that I would rather not look at the cut, but just do what they must.  Mr. Bits decided he would take pictures because I would probably want to see it later on, and of course the family had to see the gruesome slice!

The shots were the worst part of the whole ordeal.  They had to put at least 20 shots inside the cut to numb it.  but, 7 stitches later, I was out of there with a fancy black bandage, and told not to bend my pinky since the stitches were along the knuckle.

20140222_164027 (12)

20140222_164058 (12)

I felt no pain and was all smiles.  I even went out with friends that night, had a few martinis which definitely were for medicinal purposes, and had a great time!

The next day, the pain was bad and I was frustrated I could not do anything.  But, I am thankful for still having my pinky, and a great family that is doing the dishes.

Could have been much worse, but the trash is where the mandolin has found its resting place.

20140222_173529 (11)

P.S. We have a joke in the family that the brass knuckle meat tenderizer I own was to be the utensil that drew first blood.  But we were wrong and it still has a home!

Have a great day everyone!



7 thoughts on “Slicing

  1. I’m frightened to death of those darn mandolins – and my elder daughter, a trained first aid responder, has banned me from ever having anything to do with them!! I’ll just stick to the good old fashioned peeler and a knife which I can properly control. Not that that is getting any easier with increasing arthritis on the march!


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