Our Weekend

It rained most of the weekend, so we spent most of the time indoors.  But it was also strange because my kids must have been feeling opposite.  Here are some examples.


My oldest bit who hates to cook, decided he would cook.  And it was really good.  He had an idea to stuff sausage, hash browns, and veggies into pizza dough.  Oh they were delicious.  But I honestly do not know what inspired him.


Middle Bit, who hates to read, was found reading on the couch more than once.  This was so cool. No one told him to read, he just got a book from the library and started reading quietly.  We did not even know that he was in the room.  Too cool!


But little bit, she had a hard weekend.  She just wanted to throw tantrums.  This is unusual on the weekends because she loves to play and have fun.  Kind of a bummer, but made for a cute pouty picture.


Hope you all had a wonderful weekend full of rest and surprises!



2 thoughts on “Our Weekend

  1. Maybe the weather was giving her the blues… Nice that your kids surprised ya. I love when my kid do that. Reminds me we are never don learning about each other and reinforces all notions of the impermanence of things.

    So glad you had a nice week-end.


    1. It may have been the weather that was giving her the blues. It was sunny yesterday and she was also sunny. It is fun when the kids surprise me, you are absolutely right it does remind us that we will never know all there is.


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