Our Weekend


Our weekend was fun, busy and lazy.  I had a goal to blog throughout the weekend, but our internet was down the whole time.  At first, I was discouraged, but then discovered that it was a blessing.    I finally just relaxed.  But now I am finding that all the relaxation is causing me not to be very motivated today!

One of the joys of our weekend was having some wonderful friends over on Saturday.  We have a monthly date with this couple, that has truly been a joy.  Mr. Bits and I look forward to our dates with them. We actually went to Italy with them last spring, and had a wonderful time.  In fact, hopefully, fingers crossed, we can go on another trip with them next year.  Fun couple to experience new places with.

When, they were at our home on Saturday, they made pizzas.  Now here is the background.  They had a foreign exchange student from Italy live with them, and when we were in Italy, they stayed longer to meet his family and spend time with them.  While they were there, they learned the art of pizza dough.  And here is a funny fact:  the family made them a special Americano pizza while they were there.  This pizza had hot dogs and French fries on it!!  Our friends made this pizza for us, and believe it or not, it was delicious.  Just what Americans would eat!  No, not really, but definitely different and fun!

Thanks guys for a very fun time!

Hope you all had a great weekend!



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