Wednesday Weekly-Planning Easter Dinner



Joining Beauty that Moves for this week in my kitchen blog hop!


I am so excited for Easter this year.  It is going to be warmer than usual, and much more of my grass is greener than it has been in the past few years.  Whenever Easter is in March, the weather is a toss up on warm or cold, snowy or sunny or sometimes everything in one day.

There is nothing as wonderful as waking up on Easter Sunday with the sun warm and glowing, going to church in cute spring dresses and then coming back home for a wonderful Easter dinner served outdoors.  The forecast says it will be 70 degrees on Sunday, so I am going to be ready!

I thought it would be fun to put a vintage spin on Easter this year.  I have so many vintage cookbooks and of course I have the wonderful Record Book, which are recipes from my great-grandmother, to help me plan a delicious menu.

Here is what I have for Easter:

The star of the show:  Baked Ham.  We have a nice ham in the freezer from the pig we had butchered in the winter.  SO excited to doctor it up with a recipe from m great-grandmother.

Soup:  Cream of Asparagus.  We have some nice asparagus growing in the field behind our house. Cannot wait to try this recipe from a 1950’s cookbook.

Side:  Au gratin potatoes.  Yummy!!!  This is another recipe from my great grandmothers Record Book.

Salad:  I have lettuce growing in my garden, and I am ready to make a lovely fresh salad with home-made dressing.

Finally Dessert:  Strawberry Shortcake.  Again from my great grandmother.

Since I cannot be with my entire family on Easter, I might as well cook their recipes!  Helps me to feel closer.

I hope you all have fun planning a spring dinner!




8 thoughts on “Wednesday Weekly-Planning Easter Dinner

  1. Sounds delicious. I am a little envious that you will be eating your Easter dinner outside, it will be warm where we are on Sunday, but not that warm. I am dreaming of meals on the back deck. Soon, I keep telling myself 🙂 Enjoy your meal.


    1. I know how you feel. Usually Easter for us is so cold, but it is a holiday that almost demands to be outside. Soon, you will be able to. Soon.


    1. Thanks! Looking through vintage books is really the only way I plan my meals. I love cooking from them and changing the recipes to make them more modern. Thanks so much for stopping by.


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