Wednesday Weekly-Oatmeal Sausage

Joining Beauty That Moves for the weekly in my kitchen blog hop.


Reposting an old post here today.  But one of my favorites and one of the more popular.  This recipe came from my grandmother who would make this on Saturday mornings.  Thinking about her today, and all the joy she would bring her family with her food.

Hope you all enjoy.


Have you ever heard of this delicious sausage?  You probably have if you are from the south or the Midwest, but I crave it.  My grandma used to make this on Saturdays when she would cook up yummy fried breakfasts.  But it is equally tasty cold on a sandwich with ketchup.  Very similar to a meatloaf sandwich.

Well, I made a batch of it yesterday, just for that reason.  To place on sandwiches.  We are going on a road trip this evening and do not want fast food. So I decided to pack up a variety of meats and breads for a picnic in the mountains on our way to our destination.

I am going to share this tasty sausage with you.



1.  Use a large saucepan with the bottom just covered with water to brown 1 lb of ground beef and 1 pound of ground pork in.

2.  Use a potato masher to mash it in tiny pieces.

3.  Add the spices of your choosing. I added sage, season salt, salt and pepper, paprika, crushed pepper flakes and garlic powder. I added all these to taste as well.  We like things well seasoned, so I dumped a great deal in.

4.  When browned, more like white brown, add your oatmeal.  This is all done by sight.  I added about a cup and a half, but it really is just to the consistency of a ground sausage mound.


5.  When mixed and simmered together for about 5 minutes, take a bread pan or stone and place your sausage mixture in it.  This is so it can take on a the form of your pan.


6.  Chill your mixture for about 3 hours.

7.  Slice and fry up to serve.


So truly delicious!


I hope you enjoy



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