Old Fashioned Cooking Tips


My great grandmother made my mom a recipe book that contains newspaper clippings, hand written recipes and bits of wisdom for new brides. The date of these clippings range from 1940-1968 and hand written recipes are from her homeland of Germany that are family recipes.  My mom loaned me this book so I could learn great wisdom from those who came before.  Instead of opening it up all the time, I made copies of the pages.  This way the book can remain protected, and my mother can have it back.

My favorite clippings are those sent in to a local newspaper that give helpful hints for cooking and home care.  The cooking ones are great, and really nothing to new, but some of them are dated, and I love that.  I thought I would share a few of them today, and throughout the coming weeks to help you feel nostalgic and hopefully get in touch with your own roots.

Here are some fun hints:

When making a crumb pie crust, grease the pan wth cooking oil and it will come out easier.

Add three tablespoons of un-sifted confectioners sugar to one cup of cream before whipping. It will hold its shape and gloss for an hour or two which is really important for a decorated cake or pie.

Flour your cake pans with a shaker filled with non-sifted flour.  It’s clean and easy.

Put scotch tape on each side of the tabs in your cookbook and they will not soil or break off so easily.

For a quick way to blend shortening in pie crust, use the electric mixer. (I love that one!!!)

One tablespoon of very cold water added to one egg white is equal to two egg whites.

Add a lump of water to rice and it won’t stick to the pan or boil over.

I hope you all have enjoyed these helpful hints from the late 1940’s.  It is so interesting to look back, and as said before, some news is dated, but I will say it is always timeless.

I hope you all are having a fun time cooking this week!

Next I will share the results and a few recipes from retro night.  It was fun!



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