This Weeks Menu

I know, it is Saturday, and the week is almost over, and a new one is beginning.  But let me explain, well, wait, I have no explanation!  Ha!  I just plum kept meaning to come here, and by the end of the day, would lie in bed and think, I forgot to post again!  Well, that is the way life goes sometimes.

I did want to show you some pictures from the week and share my menu with you.

Monday:  pork and cheese enchiladas!  It was yummy and well received by all.

Tuesday:  St. Patrick’s day themed all day. The family woke up to green eggs and ham!  My little girl was the only one wowed by the fact the eggs were green.  She thinks I am magical, the rest new it was food coloring.


For dinner we had beef pie and boxties.  Yum!


Wednesday:  went for a lighter fair after all the heaviness of St. Patrick’s Day.  We had taco soup and salad.


Thursday:  My husband I went out to eat to kick off March madness.  We are big college basketball fans, so off to the local bar with our bracket in hand!  Kids had macaroni and cheese.

Friday:  Brats and Hot dogs cooked on the grill.  Yes it is warm enough for this here.  Tomorrow it is supposed to be 70 degrees.  Nice!

Saturday: BBQ Pork Chops, with veggies and potatoes cooked on the grill as well.

Sunday:  Homemade pizza from my son.  He loves making it!

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