Vintage Cooking Tips


Here is a dose of vintage cooking tips for this week.  Love these little tidbits of information.  Some are totally relevant today, but others are dated, which I totally love.  They can still be used, but since we have microwaves and so many electric gizmos that are supposed to make our lives easier, we probably do not need to use them as much.  But, I guess in a way, this is giving you options!  Old fashioned versus new!  Bits of the Past! Ha!

To cut the time for baking potatoes in half, place potatoes on oven rack and invert an iron utensil over them.

If some yolk gets into the white when you are separating eggs, touch a cloth moistened with c old water to the yolk and it will stick to the cloth.

Run cold water over marshmallows before cutting and the marshmallows will not stick to your scissors.

Pierce chicken livers on all sides before placing in the pan to keep them from popping and splattering grease.

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