Weekly Menu, on a Tuesday


Hello again.  I will get the hang of this posting on my cooking site, just please hang in there with me!

Thank you for being patient!

I thought I would post this weeks menu, even thought it is a bit late, in the hopes that maybe you all will read it anyway!

We are running a little low on groceries, so the menu is not as fun as it might be.  Lots of left overs and using what we have, which is the way of vintage, and of those waiting to go to the store!  So in this weeks menu, you may not find unique dishes, but they are definitely unique with what they are made with!

So here we go:

Sunday:  Pulled pork sandwiches, baked black beans using a bunch of different leftover condiments and they ended up being really tasty, homemade mac and cheese and salad.

Monday: Spaghetti, salad, and garlic parmesan bread.  The spaghetti sauce was unique in that it was made from our canned tomatoes and sauce with maple sausage.  This maple sausage was the only meat I had thawed out!  I forgot to take beef out of the freezer, but let me tell you the mistake was well worth it.  I make our sauce a little spicy, so the maple sausage was a delicious and sweet flavor!

Tuesday:  Pork enchiladas, pinto beans and corn.  The pork is leftover from Sunday!  It should be delicious in the enchiladas!

Wednesday:  Cream of mushroom soup and salad!  We have a ton of salad in our garden, so if you keep seeing salad as the veggie, I apologize for the lack of creativity!

Thursday:  Deer chili.  We still have plenty of deer from the buck in the fall, so I want to make sure we eat!

Friday:  Pigs in a blanket and homemade potato chips with, you guessed it, salad!

Saturday:  It is way to close to mothers day, and I will not want to cook!

Sunday:  I have no idea, as it will be mothers day, and I will not cook!

I hope you are all having a fun week cooking!  I will post some recipes this week!

Love to you all,


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