Menu and Potato Salad Recipe

So, I thought I would post the menu for this week, and share a recipe that I made tonight actually.  I had to supply a salad for a potluck, and I went to my old stand by Baked Potato Salad.  Super easy and will produce many compliments.  I promise.

Here is our menu:

Monday:  Taco soup

Tuesday:  Potluck and so I made baked potato salad.

Wednesday:  Braised short ribs, mushroom risotto and salad

Thursday:  turkey tetrazzini

Friday:  We will be camping and having hamburgers and hotdogs

Saturday:  camping and chili

Sunday:  travel day and we will have whatever is easiest

I will post some yummy recipes from last week starting tomorrow, so keep your eyes open.  As for tonight, here you go!

DSC_0002 DSC_0003

Boil peeled yellow/gold potatoes until fork tender.

Let cool completely

Add slightly less than one 24oz container of sour cream

1 cup or to taste bacon bits (fried bacon, cooled and crumbled)

1 cup or to taste shredded cheese

green onions chopped to taste

salt and pepper to taste

Mix together and put In refrigerator until ready to go!

Really so delicious and easy!


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