Menu and Parties

We have had a few get together in the past few weeks, and they have been fun to put together.  One was a meeting with our home school co-op board.  I made some yummy homemade chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies, provided some fruits and there you have it.  Not too fussy, but hopefully made people feel welcome.  There is something about cookies that helps people open up!


We had another get together yesterday evening that was a little bit bigger than the meeting.  We hosted our church to honor a few special people, and it went well.  We made lots of hamburgers and hot dogs, and the church brought over side dishes.  Of course the side dishes were absolutely incredible!!!!  As a church potluck should be.


But now we have a ton of hotdogs and hamburgers, and you will see this reflected in the menu for the week.

Monday:  Leftovers, I am just too tired to cook!

Tuesday:  Crumbled Hamburger Sub Sandwiches

Wednesday:  Homemade Mac and Cheese with hotdogs!

Thursday:  Throwback with Salisbury  steak and peas and carrots

Friday:  Venison Stew

Saturday:  Baked Potato Bar

Sunday:  Potato Soup from left overs

Hope you guys are enjoying your summers and have great outdoor potlucks!



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