Vintage Picnic Tips


My great grandmother passed this wonderful handwritten/magazine clipping cookbook on to my mother in 1968 as a hope chest item for when she were to get married.  My great grandmother did this for all of her grandkids, and the recipes are dated between 1950-1968.  In these pages you will find great tidbits of information that I thin apply to even today.

Today I would like to share with you the

Pointers for Picnickers section.  In this section you will find some pretty handy information on how to tote your food for an easier and cleaner trip.  This will be in two parts, so today I want to talk about three of them.


The first is a neat pack for potato salad. Here is what the excerpt says:

Neat Pack for Potato Salad

Have your salad bowl and eat it too.  Cut the tops from whole green peppers; scoop out seeds; then fill them with creamy potato salad.  Allow one to a customer.  Pack them in a wax-paper-lined cardboard box for easy carrying.

Isn’t that such a great idea?  I particularly love the bit about allow one per customer!


Next, lets talk about cake in a cup.

Cake in a Cup

Bake gingerbread or spice cake in heavy paper cups.  Serve cold or let ’em warm a bit by the fireside.  Wonderful with a squirt of whipped-cream-in-a-can and a pour of tangy lemon sauce.

I love this idea, and I particularly love that it gets fancy with the lemon sauce.  This picnic sounds pretty classy!


Finally, let’s talk deviled-eggs.

Picnic Deviled-egg toter

A plastic egg-storage tray is ideal for carrying deviled eggs to a picnic.  Arrange the stuffed halves in both the bottom part of the tray and the cover, tuck parsley sprigs between the rows, cover lightly with waxed paper or aluminum foil, and be of to your picnic to serve the eggs right off the tray.

Love, love the parsley sprig bit.  You can also do this same idea with a cardboard egg carton as well.

Hope you have enjoyed this tips!  They can be used for modern picnics as well.

What ideas do you have?



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