Menu for the Week


Last week was a nice break.  My husband and boys went to Boy Scout camp for 5 days, so my daughter and I had a great time hanging out together. For dinner, we would literally have a salad, or soup and a couple of nights we went out to dinner.  But now it is back to reality.  Cooking every night.  It was fun though just hanging out and taking it easy.

For this week, I spent Sunday making tons of freezer friendly casseroles.  Over the next couple of weeks those will be placed on the menu, and a recipe will follow.

We started eating them last night, with my enchilada lasagna.  Basically, your enchilada recipe only layered like a lasagna. I do this because I am lazy.  I do not want to take the time to roll every enchilada.  Pure laziness.  Here is the rest of the menu for the week.  I hope you all are having great summer dinners!

Monday:  Homemade mac and cheese again.  This was per request rom my children.

Tuesday:  Pork chop biscuit sandwiches, homemade fries and cauliflower

Wednesday:  Grilled chees and tomato soup

Thursday:  Mat’s favorite casserole (one of the freezer meals).  That is literally what it is called.  It is my husbands favorite casserole from childhood.  By the way, that is how you spell his name as well.  One t people.

Friday:  Italian sausage with spaghetti and broccoli

Saturday:  Taco night-veggie tacos, beef and bean tacos with rice and corn

Sunday:  Lasagna (one of the freezer meals)

There you have it!



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