In My Kitchen this Week

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Our garden is in full swing.  We are now in the busy time of summer when we find it hard to keep up with the demands of our garden.  Every year it is the same.  We start off excited about planting the garden, overplant, go through the honeymoon phase of excitement, and end with craziness and the feeling of why did we plant so much.

The feeling of excitement for our garden will return though in the winter when we will go into our pantry and find the fruits of our labors.  Always a good feeling to know we grew it.

One of our favorite things to can is raspberry jam.  This jam is delicious on pancakes, toast, sourdough bread, crackers, cream cheese etc.  I love it because it is extremely easy to make.  Absolutely no excuse not too!

Here is the recipe:

You must have the same ratio of raspberries to sugar.  For instance two cups of raspberries and two cups of sugar.

Tablespoon of vanilla

One small lime

Heat the raspberries in pan until boiling.  This step is always a little nerve-racking for me as I think I am going to burn the fruit.  I always think I need to add water, but I never do.  The raspberries are full of juice and will turn into a nice chunky liquid.  When the raspberries have reached a boil, add the sugar and bring to a boil again.  Then add the vanilla and the juice from the lime.  Place in jars and process using a canning book that gives directions for your area.

So delicious, and so very easy!




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