Hello and welcome to my vintage cooking site.  I absolutely adore anything that has to do with vintage, and cooking is no different.  While I was growing up, I never took an interest in learning how to cook.  But during my mid twenties, I realized that if I wanted to eat well, I had to learn.  So, I went to my grandmothers, who were each excellent cooks, and asked that they teach me to cook as a Christmas gift.  One grandma actually said, “Well Suzy, how many Christmases do you think I have left!?”  Not the response I was looking for, but shows you that I was on my way to being a lost cause in the kitchen.  However, they began giving me recipes, and asking for help in the kitchen.  I drank it all in, and what I noticed most is that these recipes were all felt, not properly measured.  Their cooking was soulful, loving, and delicious.  So, I guess you could say, I learned to cook the same way.  Through feeling, not through measuring.

But my mother had the most treasured book.  Her grandmother, spent a few decades gathering recipes and writing helpful hints in a book, that I call the record book.  My mother, has graciously lent me her book, and I have learned so much!  I have learned old time cooking, and that measuring and feeling can go hand in hand.  I never realized that changing the recipe added so much heart to it!  But my German great grandmother did, and now, I am lucky enough to follow her journey.  I hope that you all gain knowledge and a love of cooking for others through this site.

Thank you all for stopping by.



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