Wednesday Weekly-Garden Overflow and A Cake

Joining Heather from Beauty that Moves
This past week in my kitchen has been so busy!  Since Oldest Bit and Mr. Bit were getting prepared for Scout Camp, I had to do a great deal of cooking preparations for them.  Because Oldest Bit has such severe nut allergies, he cannot eat the food the camp provides, so the rest of the troop made the decision to make their own food preparations so he would not feel left out.  Very sweet of them, but that means they came up with a menu, and I agreed to prep most of it.  Small price for a great troop.  They love biscuits, so many were made!

My garden is overflowing with greens.  Kale, Swiss chard, spinach and lettuce.  Busy making kale chips and freezing the others, except for the lettuce.  Trying to eat as much as I can and have given some to friends as well.

Finally, Little Bit took a cake decorating class with a friend of hers the other day, and had an amazing time.  You can tell she enjoyed decorating the cake as well as eating it!

Hope you all have had a great time in the kitchen as well!  Can’t wait to see what you have been up to!



I’m Ready!!! I Think

Oh, my tomatoes are starting to ripen.


My jalapeno are ready to pick.


My onions, are almost ready.

How come, all summer I wait and wait for my garden to grow, and then all at once, it is here.  The frenzy of canning and dehydrating.  The late night salsa making.


I am so thankful for the harvest, but isn’t it a lot like child-birth? At the end of the summer, I never want to plant anything again.  But at the end of winter, oh I am ready for a bigger garden!  But I will admit it is so nice to have all the cans of salsa, tomatoes, spaghetti sauce, frozen veggies that I know that I have grown.  Great feeling even with all the pain.

Hope you are having fun gardening!