Glimpses of Our Food

Last week was a very busy week, but we still found time to cook, and so I wanted to show you some of the pictures I took to prove to you, that I still cook!  Wow, that sentence was a mouthful!


We had pigs in a blanket, made with homemade biscuit recipe.  No crescent roll package here.


Sausage Scalloped potatoes!  Can I just say, these were super yummy!  And yes, I will be giving the recipe this week!


Stuffed Lettuce leafs. We have an abundance of lettuce in our yard right now, and I am searching for new ways to use lettuce.  It is difficult to make an Asian inspired meal at our house since peanut and soy are huge allergies.  But I did whip something up with Worcestershire sauce.  I really enjoyed these and so did my husband.  My kids were a little puzzled, but two of the three embraced them when I allowed soy sauce for them.  Oh boy, they loved them, and yes,  I will do a little post on what I did for these as well.


This was a delicious cream of mushroom soup.  Awful picture, but truly delicious!


Again, another awful picture, but these were leftovers of the delicious pulled pork enchiladas we had.  A Hodge podge of ingredients, and so incredibly yummy!

I hope you guys have been cooking up a storm and I look forward to seeing what you have been whipping up!

This weeks menu will be posted tomorrow!