Lasagna Soup with Ham


This is a delicious and easy crockpot soup.  I needed something quick and easy tonight, something not fussy.  I looked in my pantry and thought soup would be a great choice since the weather outside is rainy and cold, but I did not have a great deal of fresh veggies on hand and I did not have any meat thawed.  Hence the Lasagna Soup with Ham.  It turned out delicious and the kids enjoyed it!

Here’s what I used:

2 quarts canned Roma tomatoes (these were canned from my garden this past year)

4 cups beef broth

2 Green Bell Peppers (chopped)

Ham cut into bite sized chunks

4 cloves minced garlic

Oregano to taste

Basil to taste

Onion Powder to taste

Salt and Pepper to taste

1/2 cup Parmesan Cheese

Lasagna Noodles (depends on how many you want)

Shredded Mozzarella Cheese

Combine the first nine ingredients in a crock pot, stir and place on medium.  My crockpot is programed by hours so I set mine for 6 hours.  At the five hour mark, break Lasagna noodles in quarters and place in crockpot.  Fifteen minutes before serving, add parmesan cheese.  Serve in bowls with a little Mozzarella sprinkled over and enjoy!


Simple but Flavorful Meat Sauce

Hello everyone!  I hope you are enjoying your first few days of 2017!  We are back in full swing here at the Bits household!  Kids are back to school, well home school that is, appointments are taking up our days, and all the crazy activities are in full swing.  Kind of shell shocked, but happy to be back into a groove.  Part of that groove is cooking dinner.  Honestly, the last two weeks have been sporadic, and when I did cook, the meal was so huge we had left overs for days!  So today when I remembered that people would actually be hungry and that I needed to cook, I had to think of something quick!  What quicker meal than spaghetti and meat sauce!  Even better I had a bunch of leftover pork sausage from New Years day breakfast that I could use!  Since I remembered that people probably wanted dinner at around 4pm, I had no meat thawed, and needed something fast.

Since the sausage was already cooked, I just made my quick and easy red sauce and dinner was on the table in thirty minutes flat.  Bread and steamed fresh veggies were added to make it a well rounded meal.  We probably could have survived without the bread, but why?

So here is what I did to make the sauce:

Placed the sausage in a cast iron pan, then added canned tomatoes.  These are actually my own canned tomatoes, so they were a quart whole Roma tomatoes drained.  Next, a can of tomato sauce added to the mixture.  Then the seasonings.  Two tablespoons of garlic, 1 tablespoon of onion powder, 1 teaspoon cayenne, 2 teaspoons of celery salt, chopped fresh basil to taste, 2 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar and finally freshly ground pepper.  I did not add any extra salt due to the fact the sausage was salty enough.  My kids loved the sausage and actually preferred it to the normal ground beef!

Just a quick recipe for a last minute meal!  Hope you can use this when you are strapped for time!


PS-This photo was taken by my son who insisted on doing it! Does not do the sauce justice, but it will do!



Homemade Tomato Soup Recipe

This weekend we had some friends over, and we provided our favorite meal:  build your own grilled cheese bar and tomato soup. We have really enjoyed grilled cheese bars.  We supply a bunch of different kinds of cheeses, with meats, veggies and sauces.  Most creative so far is the pizza grilled cheese!  Yum!

DSC_0347DSC_0348 But this is not what I am writing about today.  It is the yummy homemade tomato soup we made!  So easy, and so yummy.



Here is a yummy and delicious recipe

Scrumptious Tomato Soup

Peel eight carrots and dice

Dice one and a half onions

Dice 1 red bell pepper and 1 orange bell pepper

3 quarts whole tomatoes, juice and all

3 cups beef broth

1 1/2 cups of milk

1 cup grated parmesan




4 large cloves of garlic

Cook the onions, carrots, garlic and bell peppers in 1 stick of butter.  Yes you heard that right, melt one stick of butter and cook the diced veggies until tender, about 20 minutes over medium heat.  Once those are tender, add three quarts of whole tomatoes juice and all to the pot, add the basil, salt and pepper and simmer for another 20 minutes.  Add the beef broth, and let simmer again for 20 more minutes.  Get an emersion blender and blend until smooth.  Add the milk and cheese, cook again until warmed through.  Add a little more salt and pepper to taste, and the soup is done.

DSC_0001 (4)

I garnished my with blue cheese, and I loved it!  But try whatever cheese you think would work for you, or no cheese at all!  My children loved this soup, and now actually want this instead of the canned goodness we all know and love.

I hope you all love it!