The perfect meal when one is sick or on a chilly day.

Here is how I make my chicken soup.

First, I cook three chicken breast in the crock pot with wine, garlic, tons of oregano, tons of basil, salt and pepper.  I do not measure anything out, but I know most of you do.  So I use about two cups of white wine.  I use my favorite wine.  A Pinot Grigio.  Oh my goodness, this adds so much flavor!  Garlic, about two heaping tablespoons.  Oregano about 4 tablespoons, and the same with basil.

I cooked the chicken for about four hours, then added 8 cups of chicken broth.  I am sure you can make your own stock, but I did not.  I have found a great broth that we can have (my family has allergies to certain foods)  that is only broth. No preservatives, so salt, and no funny things added.  Find what you like.

Then I added two cups brown rice, celery, onion, and carrots.  I add to how much I think my family will actually eat.  You can really add any veggie you want.  But the true star of the show is the broth.  When it all cooks together, the wine, seasonings and chicken stock, the broth is out of this world good.

Cook in the crock pot until the rice and veggies are ready.

I know, not very straight forward, measured out cooking.  But, really it is all by taste.

What came from our garden:





Have a great day everyone!