The Record Book

My great grandmother came to the United States from Germany.  I have memories of going out to her house in the country, picking corn and her making corn silk dolls while singing in German.  She was an amazing woman, and found the time to make books for all of her grandchildren. These books are all different and give pointers on marriage, cooking, recipes and conversion charts.  I cannot believe she had the time to create different books for each grandchild!  She put so much love and care into each of them, and I can tell she made each of the recipes because there are notes that say what she would do differently next time.  Incredible!  She passed away at the young age of 98, but her memory still lives on in the books she created and the love she gave.  My mother has kindly let me borrow her book while I blog about the recipes, give words of wisdom on marriage (according to the 1950’s!) and allow my great grandmother’s legacy to carry on.  Now some of the recipes are a little iffy and include many jello molds, and lots of “creamed” things.  I have a feeling I will get some complaints from my children and even my husband on occasion.  The main reason why I want to follow these recipes is that they are all from scratch.  I have never quite cooked from scratch, but I need to start.  My son is allergic to many things, and I think this will help him. But also, I think it is important to realize how much time and effort was put into cooking by our ancestors.  They really did go through a great deal to make sure dinner was on the table.  So I am going to give you all a little glimpse of our past.  I will not blog everyday about the book, but the days I do, I will let you know where the wisdom came from!  Enjoy this journey with me!  Here are some pictures of “The Record Book”.

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